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One Step! Code is a computer science blog sharing my experiences as a beginner learning about computer science and coding. I found the inspiration to start it from many other blogs, where it was often recommended to do it to boost your learning and career.

Besides all of those benefits, I would like to contribute and give back. If it wasn’t for the many resources that other people built and shared online, maybe I wouldn’t have even started learning CS.

The name of the blog “One Step” comes from the idea of continuous progression. Learning CS can be a daunting challenge that requires a lot of work for a prolonged time. Instead of trying to accomplish it all in one blow, I prefer approaching it day after day, one step at a time.

About me

I’m currently studying computer science and learning how to code by my own, using the best means I can find online and in books. I started this experience near the end of 2019.

As of 2020, I have just turned 30 (I was born in 1990). Obviously, I had many lingering doubts before finally committing to start learning computer science when I was approaching my thirties. It was not only age, but CS is a field known for being challenging and competitive.

Regardless, I decided to take the leap and follow the path that I felt would bring me the most happiness. Ever since I was a kid, since the first time we had a computer at home when I turned 10 years old, I have been fascinated by computers and video games.

However, life is full of bends and I ended up distancing from that initial area of interest as I grew older. After finishing studies in environmental engineering in 2016, I felt that I had lost my way and I couldn’t find much motivation to start building a career in my area of studies.

This lack of motivation led me to much questioning which led me again to those things that had naturally struck my interest as a kid.

This is where I’m at now.

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